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cloudkeeping MLM is the UK’s first and only dedicated Multi-Level Marketing bookkeeping software. Perfect for Network Marketers and Direct Sellers who are juggling multiple income streams, it helps users to effortlessly manage their business finance and share information with their accountant without a spreadsheet in sight. 

It’s not surprising that over 400,000 people work within the direct selling and multi-level marketing (MLM) industry in the UK. It’s really flexible, rewarding, and enables you to create your own success by taking control of your working life.
Being your own boss also gives you control of your finances, but when you need to track several sources of income (from sales to commissions, bonuses and second incomes) it can start to take away from the fun of the day job.

Headache-free bookkeeping

cloudkeeping MLM is an online bookkeeping service which helps you to easily keep detailed records of your sales, commission, income, expenses, receipts and mileage for tax purposes – and most importantly estimates your profit!

It also enables you to quickly create and send receipts on the go, so you can spend more time focusing on your customer relationships.


cloudkeeping Benefits

Effortlessly track multiple income streams

Network Marketers and Direct Sellers often have multiple income streams including sales, commissions, investments, bonuses and part-time jobs. Each different stream can be tracked with ease.

Easily generate and save customer receipts

With cloudkeeping MLM you can create a receipt for a customer immediately after purchase whilst linking it to their record on your online system regardless of where you are.

Simply calculate mileage and other tax-allowable expenses

cloudkeeping MLM takes away the headache of ensuring you’re tracking all tax-allowable expenses with its in-built calculator. This includes a Home As Office calculator.



Calculate annual tax automatically in real-time (no surprises!)

The cloudkeeping MLM in-built calculator tool automatically determines the tax you will need to pay against your combined income and expenses, helping you to budget effectively throughout the year.

Access anytime, anywhere, on any device

As cloudkeeping MLM is in the cloud, it can be accessed online from any web-enabled device, wherever you are.

Keep all financial records in one place

Regardless of whether it’s income in or expenses out, cloudkeeping MLM helps you to easily track all of the financial elements of running a business.


No more creating or sharing spreadsheets

No longer will you have to rely on spreadsheets to achieve the meticulous detail HMRC demands. cloudkeeping MLM templates offer a safe and simply-structured environment to track it all.