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Accounting Firms: Want to earn an uncapped income by adding online bookkeeping to your service list?

cloudkeeping partners with accounting firms in a revenue share model to package its software as a ‘white label’, allowing the accounting firm to market and sell the software under its own brand to their self-employed clients on a subscription basis.

cloudkeeping software was purposefully built for two markets, namely the self-employed individual and the direct seller/network marketer and can therefore be white labelled for either target audience.

cloudkeeping is the UK’s first and only online bookkeeping software service designed specifically for the Direct Selling Industry 

Bookkeeping in the cloud is an affordable, online approach to managing finances for businesses of all sizes. With no need to install software to a designated computer or other device, and offering access to real-time information, online bookkeeping is becoming increasingly popular across the UK.

multi level marketing bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for those self-employed

cloudkeeping is perfect for those self-employed as sole traders, CIS contractors or direct sellers who juggle multiple income streams and require easy access to their finances whatever their location. cloudkeeping helps users to effortlessly manage and share information with their accountant without a spreadsheet or calculator in sight.

Benefits for those self-employed

With cloudkeeping, users are able to easily keep detailed records of their sales, commission, bonus, income, expenses, receipts, home as office costs and mileage for tax purposes – and most importantly estimate profit. Accessed 24/7 from any web-enabled device, it also allows users to quickly create and send branded invoices/receipts on the go, so more time can be spent focusing on building their business.

Bookkeeping this way

The bookkeeping features include:

  • Customer Contact Database
  • Invoice/Receipt Generator
  • Expense Management Tool with ability to easily upload photographs of receipts
  • Mileage & Home As Office Use Calculator
  • Multiple Income Stream Management
  • Automatic and ‘real-time’ Tax Calculator (bringing an end to tax surprises)

Accountant Partners

With a simple format specifically designed to support the financial management needs of those self-employed, cloudkeeping is quickly becoming the preferred tool in the industry.

cloudkeeping is available as a white label, where accounting firms have the opportunity to resell the software service to end customers under their own brand. This partnership provides both parties with income via a revenue-shared model and empowers accounting firms to achieve additional income and brand enhancement.

"After undertaking a lot of competitor research I transitioned to cloudkeeping from another online bookkeeping company. I chose cloudkeeping as I found the system intuitive and simple to use, which allows me to focus on running my business." Mark Jackson, MPAT

What is a white label and what are the benefits?

The term white label is used to describe a situation where one company creates a fully-supported, unbranded product or service and allows a second company to purchase and resell it under their own brand, logo and identity. This enables the manufacturer to focus on further technical developments without worrying about marketing, whilst the reseller benefits from adding a new product or service to its portfolio without heavy investment in design or development.

Benefits for accounting firms

  • Additional uncapped income stream via revenue share partnership
  • Software is built and ready for implementation
  • Brand enhancement
  • Additional service to offer customers without investment in research or development
  • No need for spreadsheets, calculators or boxes of receipts
  • Online access to customer data allowing for easy support
  • Real time automated financial calculations allowing for instant tax liability clarity
  • Customer’s financials can be downloaded into a CSV file allowing for easy tax return analysis and submission
  • Coming soon: Ability to submit tax returns online in accordance with latest HMRC self-employed regulations

What do accounting firms get with the cloudkeeping white label?

  • An exact copy of cloudkeeping’s self-employed and/or direct selling software presented in the accounting firms brand
  • Automated emails set up to trigger at appropriate times
  • Monthly financial and sign up report
  • Domain name purchase and maintenance
  • Mobile & tablet optimised website
  • Standard website framework setup with About Us, Monthly and/or Annual Pricing Package, Contact Us, Register, Sign In pages
  • Website hosting
  • Free standard software upgrades/improvements
  • Software training
  • Online payments
  • Secure admin access to customer’s data
  • Opportunity to tailor the software and website further. For example, a service offering tax returns solutions could be created (additional cost)

Software and website security

cloudkeeping is proud of the high-level of security offered by the software service.

This includes:

  • The deployment of SSL security - the most secured way of transferring data over the internet
  • Hourly automated offsite database & file back-up
  • Encrypted server disks
  • Load balancing
  • Database warehousing

cloudkeeping accountant partnership: the investment

cloudkeeping works with our accountant partners to identify the most suitable pricing model starting from £2,500 excl VAT. A fair, ongoing revenue share will be agreed upon discussion and this will last for the duration of the contract.

The accounting firm will begin to see a return on their investment as soon as they start marketing their new product. The more marketing/sales an accounting firm undertakes; the sooner a return will be achieved.

Notice period

6 months’ written notice to terminate the contract. cloudkeeping reserves the sole right to contact existing users to allow them the option to transfer to cloudkeeping.

Development timeline

Accountant partners can expect a standard white label to be delivered in approximately 2-4 weeks and a bespoke white label will depend on the brief.

Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the Accountant Partnership in more detail.


"I have used cloudkeeping for just over a year now. I wish I had found out about it earlier. My financial affairs are all in order now and there is no confusion regarding how much tax I need to pay. A great tool and I look forward to whatever upgrades are added in the future."

Dylan Thomas, Commando Crew